Veteran Rev. Jake Long with his son and Service Dog, Luna


Many men and women who defend our country return with memories that are debilitating. Statistics show that an average of 22 soldiers die from suicide daily. That is simply heartbreaking. Most of us couldn't imagine, wouldn't want to imagine, the horrors they survived while defending our freedoms. Suffering from physical and emotional wounds, our Country's heroes need our help.

Several years ago it came to our attention that Veterans needing Service Dogs were being placed on waiting lists for over 7 years. They were also having to pay thousands of dollars for their dog. This is outrageous! We do not charge our Veterans for their Service Dogs.

Everyday, in animal controls all across the country thousands of dogs through no fault of their own are euthanized. We aim to rescue these dogs and give them a purpose...to rescue a soldier. We rehabilitate and teach them basic obedience as well as whatever tasks are necessary to help our Wounded Warriors. Thus saving Two lives at once!

Our mission is simple: to provide Veterans with the Independence they lost while defending our freedoms. Our Service Dogs are Free of charge. It is the least we can do... to provide Healing Paws to our Heroes.


Service Dog- SAMSON with his partner Kent Savage are well known in Ride for Independence!